Do you want to ensure that all your hours of training are getting you to your performance goal as quickly as possible?  Tired of feeling like your performances have plateaued, or you’re struggling to build consistency due to being plagued by recurrent over-use injuries?

We know what it takes to perform consistently, through years of working with Elite Athletes.  We don’t just write structured programmes that ensure you are always progressing.  We support you to ensure your application of that programme is optimised, so that you realise the rewards of all your hard work.

We have a proven track record of developing performance and we can support you too, wherever you might be on your sporting journey!


Do you want to ensure that your physicality is your super-strength, and not the limiting factor to your performance?  Well, we know how to ensure your programme is matched towards your performance goal, and with our built-in evidence-based programming cycle, you will always be moving towards new levels of strong.

Everything we do is geared towards progression, and we ensure you achieve your potential by holding you to account with our Earn the Right Principles.  Have you got what it takes to be part of the Viktus Team?