What is the length of each session?

Each session is around 75 minutes, however each programme will be adapted to your needs during the initial discovery call. If you therefore only have 60 minutes then we will deliver you a 60 minute programme. It’s important to ensure you are consistently able to deliver the programme, so we will support you to ensure you can achieve this.

Can I complete one of the Viktus programmes whilst on another athletic programme?

Of course, appropriately blending our strength training programmes with your sports specific work will be an area we will support you with. During the initial discovery call we will take the time to understand your specific context and any other training that you are doing. We will then provide recommendations on how to structure your training week. Our programmes can also be adapted to be either 2, 3 or 4 S&C sessions a week dependent on your performance goal.

How does the Team Training package work?

Our Team Training package enables you to access the same expertise you get with the monthly package but split across up to six individuals with the same performance goal. So the cost to you is much cheaper. For example if there were four of you, then it would cost £50 per month each but if there were six of you then it would cost £34 per month each. Each member will have access to their own programme via the Train Heroic app, so they will be able to track their own performances too.

You would all still be able to access the monthly coaching call, which would be completed as a group. It will be up to the Team Captain to arrange a time that is convenient for the whole group to attend, and they will be the single point of contact for the monthly payment. If you still require more information then please drop us a line on the contact us page.

I have an injury, is this programme fit for me?

Although the team at Viktus are not medical professionals and therefore will not give advice regarding medical conditions, all our Strength and Conditioning coaches are experienced in rehabbing athletes from injury. It is therefore pertinent to discuss any injury issues and specific diagnoses during your initial discovery call. Your Strength and Conditioning Coach will then take this into consideration when writing your programme and ensure it is fit for purpose, whilst including any rehab work that will support your performance goal.

Do you offer in person Strength and Conditioning coaching?

Yes we do offer in person Strength and Conditioning coaching, which can be accessed just outside the Swindon area, very close to the M4. Please enquire via the contact us form if you wish to discuss further.

My daughter/son is 16, can they do this programme?

The age requirement for our online programmes is 18 years old. To sign up a minor, please contact us to advise further and we will ask you to fill out a Parental Consent Form. Our programmes assume a base level of technical skill, so we would also advise an in-person coaching session first, to ensure your child has the base level of movement competency to benefit from an online programme.

What forms of payment do you take?

Our payments are taken through Stripe as a monthly rolling subscription, upon signing up for the programme.

Can I sign up for just one month?

Our programmes have a three-month minimum commitment, as this ensures that you complete a sufficient amount of training load to make changes to your physical performance and to start to see your hard work pay off into results. If this is too much of a commitment for you right now, then please give one of our 14-day trial programmes a go for FREE, and see whether you think our training philosophy and programme is right for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

After the three-month minimum term, you can cancel your subscription using the member’s portal up to seven days before your next billing date. Just click on the subscriptions section and open your current subscription to cancel.