Earn the right

Unlocking the Athletic Potential of those Serious About their Sport

The Viktus Philosophy

Want to enhance your athletic potential, rehab that injury for good or build your training consistency?  Want a simple, easy to use Strength Programme, that is evidence-based and monitors your performance progression?  Then see how our proven Viktus training system can support you to unlock your true athletic potential

Viktus Milestone Survey

Take our survey to find out where you are on your athletic journey and what training is right for you.

We take athletic performance from good to great. Understand your progression towards elite athleticism and discover how to unlock your true athletic potential by sharing your current training and ambitions.

Our experience tells us that to ensure you can deliver your best rate of progression, we need to provide you with a programme that is appropriate for your needs.  Whether you are at the beginning of your strength training journey or are an experienced lifter, we will ensure your programme is right for you.  So, take our survey and help determine where you are on your athletic development journey, so we can ensure you select the right programme for you.

Our Programmes

Two programme levels to develop your athletic performance; each of which will be tailored to your performance goal and sport.  Not sure which one is right for you then take Our Survey and find out.

Click the Programmes to see our three simple packages.  Our programmes run in 4-week blocks with either a 30′ coaching call weekly, or monthly.  See our How We Work page for more details regarding our programming and Earn the Right process.



Viktus programming is delivered through Train Heroic for a user-friendly way to log your training, enabling The Viktus Team to support you by:

  • Delivering our expertise to you anywhere in the world
  • Being your Accountability Coach and tracking your previous performances to ensure you have Earnt the Right to unlock the next level of programme
  • Easy to use exercise videos to keep your technique on track